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From routine checkups and cleanings to specialty services and cosmetic dentistry, we’ve got all your dental needs covered.

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We pride ourselves in making your appointment as comfortable as possible. You’re in control of reaching your dental goals, and we’re ready to guide you along.

If you are apprehensive about visits to the dentist, we can provide sedation. This allows us to work on your teeth without you even having to say ‘ah’.

We know accidents happen

We know accidents happen, and because of that we’re available to you for emergency dental appointments! Walk in or give us a call and we will be happy to accommodate you as soon as possible.

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All your basic dental services are offered at both locations:

From routine checkups and cleanings to specialty services and cosmetic dentistry, we’ve got all your dental needs covered.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are small titanium posts that act as artificial roots. They are inserted into the jaw bone where your tooth is missing. The titanium bonds with the bone, creating a strong foundation for the placement of artificial teeth. They can help you eat naturally, preserve facial contours and structures, and prevent bone deterioration.

Crowns & Bridges

Even out your smile with a bridge or crown. A bridge is created where a tooth is missing in your smile – it holds a false tooth in place by using your existing teeth as anchors. Crowns are used to rebuild teeth that are broken or weakened by decay. A crown can also be used to cover up large, unsightly fillings.Fitting over the remaining tooth, crowns provide needed strength and shape to your damaged natural tooth.


Dentures are a removable plate or frame fitted to your mouth that hold one or more artificial teeth. They are a replacement for missing teeth and they help to restore confidence in your smile.


A severely infected tooth has the potential to cause a lot of pain and is also at risk of infecting your other teeth and gums. In these instances your dentist will apply a local anesthetic and gently remove the tooth. After this procedure you may want to consider an Implant, bridge, or partial denture to replace the missing tooth.


Not every regular check-up is going to be perfect – and sometimes you end up with a cavity. This is very common and can be easily fixed with a filling. The decay and bacteria from the cavity will be removed from the tooth and quickly filled in with tooth-friendly material to keep the tooth healthy. Ask your dentist about what materials are available.


Dental sealants are a thin layer of plastic placed on the chewing surfaces of your molars at the back of your mouth – which are usually the teeth you use to chew your food. Sealants will help prevent the decay of your teeth, keeping them strong and disease-free.

Root Canal Therapy

Fixing an infected tooth without having to remove it is the best thing to do for your mouth. Root canal therapy removes the infected pulp material (commonly referred to as the dental nerve) and seals the end of the tooth. This allows you to keep the tooth and maintain your oral health. This simple procedure, generally done in one visit, can quickly fix pain and discomfort from an infected tooth and is frequently performed in conjunction with crown therapy.


Think of scaling as a deep cleaning of the teeth. Having your teeth scaled for tartar – a sticky deposit on teeth in which bacteria grow – is an important part of visiting the dentist. It ensures your teeth and gums are completely clean and helps to prevent disease. This is an important part of every regular visit.

IV Sedation

We understand that for some patients, visiting the dentist can be a nervous or uncomfortable experience. We want to help you feel as comfortable as possible so we offer Sedation as a solution.  Intravenous sedation is safe procedure which puts patients in a deep state of comfort and relaxation through their dental appointment. Intravenous sedation is safe procedure which allows patients to sleep through their routine dental appointment. It can also complement the treatment for those seeking a more comfortable experience during longer procedures.

Ultrasonic Scaling

With ultrasonic scaling, we glide a vibrating scale tip over the surface of your teeth for a fast and smooth finish. This allows for a much more comfortable dental visit. Having your teeth scaled for tartar is an important part of visiting the dentist. It ensures your teeth and gums are completely clean and helps to prevent disease.


Invisalign offers patients the ability to straighten their teeth without the hassle of metal braces and wires. Removable aligners are custom made for each patient, creating a product that is comfortable and virtually invisible. Patients are able to remove the aligners for ease of brushing and flossing. The final result is a healthier and brighter smile.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you want a brighter, healthier smile?

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about appearances. It’s about creating confidence in all aspects of your smile.

Lumineers®, bonding, Invisalign® straightening and Zoom! Whitening are some of the top cosmetic dental procedures, designed to give you a healthier looking smile. By performing these procedures we can improve your dental hygiene and even prevent pain caused by crooked teeth. Call our offices to set up an appointment.

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